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Give every marketer the data they need to personalize and automate the customer lifecycle

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Census is the leading Operational Analytics platform that uses Reverse ETL to sync your data warehouse with all your favorite apps, empowering action, automation, and trust with data for all your business teams. No custom scripts or engineering favors required.

About Census

About Census
Census turns data warehouses into a hub for business operations, empowering everyone with trustworthy and actionable data. Using Reverse ETL, data teams can validate and publish analytics directly into all their applications in real-time. Hundreds of companies like Canva, Figma, Loom, and Notion use Census to sync billions of records to empower their customer success, sales, and marketing teams. Census is backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Insight Partners, Sequoia, and Tiger Global.Book a call with Scalero to learn
more about Census
With Census, anything is possible to engage your audience.
Campaigns data
Personalize your campaigns with better dataSend the right message to the right person every time, all the time. Automatically educate and nurture self-serve users on features to create upsell opportunities, send periodic account overview emails, and trigger campaigns based on calculated metrics with up-to-date data.
Audiences segmentation
Dynamic, activity-based audiences & segmentationCreate granular segments or audiences based on any data so you can create highly targeted ads to convert new users or re-engage inactive users. Build and manage segments and audiences centrally and consistently sync them to all your marketing tools.
Best 360 view
The single best 360° view of your customers‍Your stack is composed of 10+ tools. Each one has data about your customers; none have the full picture. With Census, unify that siloed data into a bespoke 360° customer profile that stays in sync across all tools, so your team doesn't have to go to 5 different places to understand their customers.
Census and Scalero

Census & Scalero

Scalero loves working with clients that use Census because it unlocks seemingly infinite opportunities for lifecycle campaigns without the need for looping in your developers. Knowing that a client has invested in organizing its data and using a powerful and flexible reverse ETL tool, Scalero can build relevant and personalized lifecycle campaigns every time.

What we love about Census

Scalero has deep experience with the best lifecycle marketing tools out there. Here’s what makes Census unique:
A powerful visual segment builder to create and update ad or email audiences in a single place.
One single platform to sync trusted data to all your marketing tools with or without SQL.
70+ integrations with tools like Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Klaviyo, Shopify, and Mixpanel.
Built-in data quality capabilities that monitor and alert data teams of any errors.

Need help setting up Census or other tools?

Scalero can help you migrate to Census, helping with data ingestion, segmentation, campaign setup, email coding and more.

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