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SMS/Push notifications

Email is not the only channel your brand should be using to reach your customers. Many consumers now prefer to receive an SMS instead of an email when a brand is offering a promotion. But how do you devise an SMS strategy that isn't instrusive to your customers and still captures revenue? Scalero will build out your user's lifecycle journey across channels.

Have a mobile app? Then don't rely just on your Product team to deliver push notifications. Allow Scalero to incorporate push notifications into your overall lifecycle strategy, ensuring customers are receiving the proper messaging regardless of the channel.

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Why us?

Scalero has worked with dozens of brands that effectively use SMS and push notifications to generate revenue, including Vivino, MyWorld, and Good Eggs. Scalero helps these companies effectively use their mobile app to increase engagement. We think beyond email when it comes to customer experience and align your revenue goals with expectations of your customers.

How does it work?
How Does This Work?
User Journey

Scalero will map the user journey in FigJam to see the whole picture across channels.


Scalero is intimately familiar with many of the top SMS platforms.


Scalero includes SMS and push notifications in the marketing calendar.


Scalero will ensure strong execution across all channels, leaving you to focus on what you do best. +1 510-394-2442San Francisco, CaliforniaMexico City, MexicoCopenhagen, Denmark